Choco vanilla cake pudding

Choco vanilla cake pudding :

Pudding Cake


  • Vanilla Ice cream – 1 cup
  • Cheese Spread      – 2 spoon
  • Sugar (Icing)         – 2 spoon
  • chocolate syrup   – 3 spoon
  • coffee water          – 2 spoon
  • chocolate home made cake
  • Grated Chocolate


Take a big bowl fill with ice cubes n take a small bowl to keep on ice cubes.. Now for vanilla mousse take  a small bowl in it take vanilla ice cream, cheese spread, icing sugar and blend it till it becomes fluffy..mousse is ready.. Now in a serving glass drizzle chocolate syrup, crumble cake, coffee water n vanilla mousse.. Repeat the steps again n again till the glass gets full. Garnish it with chocolate syrup n grated chocolate…


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